What is and Why Pancakes Paleo is Helpful for you Healthy and Make Improvment on Your Fitness

My Paleo Journey began in July 2012 – I felt like had hit rock bottom as far as my health was concerned. It stemmed from multiple concerns I had with my health and my family history- I felt horrible, and I knew it was only a matter of time before serious health complications presented themselves. Whilst researching- I found a simple recipe for Pancakes Paleo style and I discovered a whole new way of to approaching diet and lifestyle.

I might not be a qualified expert on Paleo Eating, however I started devoting ALOT of time researching ways to make myself feel better. I always had a inkling that the root of most health problems would quite simply come down to diet and lifestyle. After adopting this lifestyle I am personally reaping the benefits – it has helped me to see the links between the different health issues that I suffered my whole life and loose 10 kilo’s following the Paleo Diet; but more importantly, I regained my health and I feel like a new person.

A Paleo Diet is one that avoids foods that cause gut irritation and inflammation in the body, typically foods introduced since the Agricultural Revolution 10,000 years ago. A Paleo Diet focusses on eating quality meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, while achieving a balanced intake of omega-3 to omega-6 fats. By avoiding foods that cause inflammation, which is the root cause of most chronic illness, the paleo diet is known for dramatically improving a huge variety of health conditions.

Why Pancakes Paleo?

We have been told time and time again how important breakfast is- hence the birth of Pancakes Paleo. In transitioning to a Paleo diet – coming up with breakfast ideas was one of the most challenging aspects for me- im sure there would be more Paleo eaters out there if breakfast wasn’t automatically associated with bagels, cereal, toast and sugar laden foods. Pancakes Paleo style was one of the first recipes that I came across that made me feel as though I could still eat everyday foods and eat Paleo- Breakfast doesn’t have to equal grains!

For our bodies to function normally, we need a the regular intake of food. Over time ignoring that need can instigate physical, intellectual, and behavioural problems. Having a healthy breakfast can automatically assist these issues over time- and the paleo diet breakfast is one of the best diets the human body. Even though it is based on ancient theories, the paleo diet is now a modern diet. There is literally hundreds of health benefits for living Paleo, however immediate benefits from eating a Paleo breakfast is that generally it is high in protein and low in carbohydrates- which will keep you full and energised for the day, and it is fantastic for weight control.

Transitioning to a Paleo Diet

Transitioning to a Paleo Diet the hardest thing is abolishing preconceived ideas about what is a “breakfast food” Once you elimate white carbs- there isn’t a tonne of options left beside eggs and bacon- and trust me, even those get tiresome after a while! So in saying that, you need to cast your net wider. I often tell Paleo newbies to start with Dinner and Lunch first- its not such a shock to the system, and the more you use Paleo friendly ingredients, preconceived notions of food start to disapper, and more importantly- your CRAVINGS! This is where I personally fell apart in the beginning, something in the morning its hard to be creative and Paleo diets take preparation, you cant just grab a muffin or a bagel on the way to work anymore, there for being prepared is the biggest tip I can give you, otherwise you are likely to give into your cravings and destroy all of your hard work.

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