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Paleohacks Cookbook discount .

Paleohacks Cookbook discount In this video I do a Paleohacks cookbook review where I look at many of the aspects of this eBook and mention if it’s worth picking up.
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As with most eBook packages on the internet you get more than just the standard cookbook. For example, with this one you get 5 extra books which contain recipes and guides. I go a bit more into these in the video or the full text review.

One of the things that surprised me the most about the paleohacks cookbook is how it didn’t have any pictures or even descriptions for the recipes. This is a pretty big thing to be missing in a modernish cookbook. Luckily the recipes cook up to be pretty amazing. You can see some of the recipes I cooked up in the video or over at the full review linked above.

One of the coolest books you get is one of the extras and is the little 4 ingredient book. This is incredibly handy for anyone who wants small paleo friendly recipes that are also pretty fast to cook up.

One thing that you might not like about the book is that the scale the ingredients are measured in are different from recipe to recipe. For example, one might be in kg then the next will be in ounce. This can be easily converted but is something that might annoy you especially if you don’t have much time.

There is plenty of paleo books currently out on the market so it can make buying one pretty hard. This one in my opinion isn’t good as some of the competitors but it is very affordable and as I mentioned above has some pretty tasty recipes.

The price of the eBook as I mentioned earlier is pretty affordable sitting at only 15 USD (At the time of this video upload). Now this works out to be pretty cheap especially once you add all the extra books on top as well.

I hope you enjoyed my video for the PaleoHacks cookbook review. I also hope that it has helped you be able to make a decision if this is the right book for you. If you have anything to say, share or anything else then please be sure to drop a comment below or over at

PaleoHacks Cookbook Review: Paleo Food Done Right?

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