Paleohacks Breakfast Recipes – Check It Out!

The PaleoHacks Breakfast Recipes:

The main PaleoHacks cookbook is a fully colored detailed Paleo cookbook that contains 125 easy to make and savory recipes including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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The Paleo recipes in this cookbook work by following two fundamental principles –

1- Put maximum nutrition INTO your body 

You will only eat natural and organic food derived from the plant and animal world. Since these are untouched by modern manufacturing processes these will be loaded with nutrition .

2- Reduce or eliminate toxins and “interference”

Since we avoid eating processed or packaged food we also avoid eating hidden toxins contained in fruits and vegetable and commercial meat. This detoxifies and cleanses our body and helps our body grow instead of fighting off foreign substances in our body.

The recipe categories in the PaleoHacks recipe book includes –


Meat including fish and chicken 





Aside from these special categories include –

Recipes for the 21st Century Hunter & Gatherer


Capsicum Sandwiches

Noodle Recipes

Paleo Eating for Modern People

Paleo Breakfast Recipes


These are 100% in accordance with Paleo Principles, but are extremely delicious and easy to make.

Paleohacks Cookbook system

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