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Learn about the basics and some of the misconceptions of the Paleo diet. Find out what Dr. Vladimir Gordin recommends and what he says that most people eat to much of and to try and avoid. He also talks about moderation being a key! Learn why he says the paleo diet is best, but also to avoid these five foods!

Paleo Diet Is Best–But Avoid These Five Foods
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There are a great deal of diets that you can get involved with, but one of the best ones that you can look into right now is known as the paleo diet. The focus here is on the foods that were eaten before modernity started to take over. The point of the food is to go back to basics, and work with only ingredients that are whole, and not full of processing. There are several things that are to be staples of the human diet, and these aren’t always focused on when following the traditional paths of grocery shopping and consumption. The following pillars of a good paleo diet grocery list should be helpful in understanding how this option may be right for your needs.

Stock Up On Vegetables

One of the first things that has to be the pillar of the structure of your list is vegetables. Make sure that you’re getting a great deal of these, and avoid what you may think are part of this group. Some people end up getting legumes, potatoes and other things that they assume are part of the vegetable group. When in doubt, look for green leafy options as they are usually categorized in the super food part of the vegetable arena.

Lean Meats

The second piece that you should focus on is lean meats. Fish, poultry, and red meat are all good to have, but only if they are sourced from grass fed, non-GMO diets. This is a big part of the diet, and it’s something that most people have problems with because they could end up getting the wrong type of choices. Many of the animals raised today are not given proper diets, which makes their nutrients become non-existent. In order to ensure a good overall option, make sure that the source foods are clearly labeled as organic, grass fed, and lean.

Look Out For Sugar

Refined sugars start to creep up in a lot of foods that are supposed to be all natural. Watch out for them, especially when you’re purchasing nuts, and other items that have been packaged. Eggs can also have soy, and other fillers that are not good to have in the body. Read the labels, look for natural, healthy, and good items, even if they have sugar in them. Do not go with anything that has been refined, or has been heavily processed into chemical alterations.

These all work together in unison to make up a good paleo diet grocery list, as long as you stick with it. Don’t allow certain foods to end up in your cart, especially those that are preboxed and are heavily processed. They are not only going to derail your body’s metabolic rate, they are going to reverse the positive effects of the diet and exercise routine that you may be on. It’s for that reason that you should look into making your lists ahead of time, and then sticking to them when you’re at your local store. Read every label and look out for weird code words that may raise flags.


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