Paleo Diet For Athletes Review By News Shows On The Paleo Diet-paleo diet food list for athletes

paleo diet food list for athletes .

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This video is a pure Paleo Diet Review that is taken from two news shows:

ABC News Nightline Segment 00:01
– Eating Like Fred Flinstone 00:30
– What Caveman Ate 00:55
– Are Humans Designed To Eat The Paleo Diet? 01:36
– Actress Megan Fox on Paleo Diet 02:01
– Nutritionists endorse Paleo Diet 02:10
– The Paleo Lifestyle (incorporates workouts) 02:36
– Paleo Workouts 03:10

** Paleo recipes 05:50

Fox News Segment 06:03
– Nutritionists Describes the Paleo Diet 06:26
– Best Way to Loose Weight 07:10
– Quiet the Sugar Demon 08:35
– Find Your Personal Paleo Play 09:30

** Paleo recipes 11:25

Both reviews talk about the Paleo lifestyle and diet.

How does the Paleo diet work?

In today’s day and age, we are bombarded with processed foods and unhealthy choices. It is no wonder that weight gain and obesity is an epidemic of huge proportions considering the modern foods that are everywhere we turn these days. The Paleo diet focuses on the types of foods that we consumed by our ancestors prior to the Agricultural Revolution. By the way, this way of eating worked for our ancestors for thousands and thousands of years. The foods that were consumed by them, meats & seafood, fresh fruits and vegies are high in the beneficial nutrients (soluble fiber, antioxidant vitamins, phytochemicals, omega-3 and monounsaturated fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates) that promote good health. Additionally, they are low in the bad elements of the food & nutrient triangles such as refined sugars, trans fats, salt, grains, carbs that are high-glycemic and process foods. These bad foods are the culprits that, in many instances, are to blame for weight gain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and numerous other health problems. The Paleo Diet suggests that people make replacements from dairy and grain products to a healthier option of fresh fruits and vegetables. These better food choices are more nutritious than whole grains or dairy products.

How is the Paelo Diet Different?

The Paleo Diet is the special diet to which our species is genetically adapted. This program of eating was not created by diet plan doctors, faddists, or nutritional experts, however rather by Mother Nature’s wisdom acting with development and natural selection. The Paleo Diet is based upon comprehensive clinical research examining the types and amounts of foods our hunter-gatherer forefathers consumed. The foundation of the Paleo Diet is meat, fish and shellfish, and unrestricted intake of fresh fruits and veggies.

The Paleo diet for athletes and this video is worth watching because it shows the benefits of the Paleo way of eating and the Paleo lifestyle that so many people are adopting. This diet is a way for us to eliminate processed foods, sugars and other bad habits that have worked their way into our diets, making us feel bad and gain weight in a bad way.

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Paleo Diet For Athletes Review By News Shows On The Paleo Diet


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